Since its establishment in 1962, the headers and exhaust systems designed by Kooks have been highly regarded for meeting the ever-changing standards of modern driving. From drag racing to circle track competitions to off-road adventures, Kooks has established first-class exhaust components to significantly improve engine performance and ensure efficiency on the most demanding race applications. With their prime mission of generating thoroughly engineered products that emphasize on performance excellence, Kooks Exhausts will significantly elevate horsepower and torque levels to change your ride from ordinary to unbeatable. Kooks’ huge collection of exhaust solutions include headers, header collectors, mufflers, and exhaust tubing.




If you’re looking to dominate the opposition on your next track day then All In One Auto is the go-to name when it comes to performance parts and installations. We offer a complete line-up of Kooks Headers & Exhaust for most year, make, and model. We offer some of the best deals of Kooks Headers in all of Ontario.


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