Niagara Dyno Tuning

Niagara Dyno Tuning packages

$200.00 Cad

Dyno Rates

Renting our Dynojet is $200/hr without A/F meter and with A/F its $250/hr. Looking to rent the dyno for the day its $1000-$1500 maximum 8 hours.

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$800.00 Cad

Vehicle Calibration

Custom Performance Calibration
with HP Tuners or Holley. Rates start at $800 for OEM naturally aspirated with bolt-ons. Please contact us to discuss your build and tuning needs. ( OFF ROAD USE ONLY)

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$1500 Cad

Group Rates

We are currently offering group rates! 10 car minimum $150 for 2 pulls per car. ONLY available on Saturday or Sunday.

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